“Heritage” Beyond Generation
Our first impressions of coming to Japan were of a country  “steeped” in a rich and deep culture . We believe Japan's early  industrialization from the 20th century separates it from the rest  of Asia .
Japan in Asia was alone and in a short space of time made its own  special mark in the world . Sadly this together with much of the  superb arts and crafts has all but been forgoten and brushed aside  in the interests of Mass Production . 
At Euclidian we are activly in the process of “Restoring” through  the generation of high quality production in small editions . Using  the best materials and working with the best traditional  techniques together with our own ideas and Japanese craftsmen to  produce new contempory designs to archival quality .
Our work is undertaken in our studios and workshops , and as much  as we are able we use a technique of “Reverse Engineering” ( to use  a comparison ) to source the DNA of early products from Japan to  gain some understanding of the skills and ideas that their makers  had .
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