“Heritage” Beyond Generation
Euclidian has developed new and uniqe techniques for batch  production in miniature scale aviation . Using our own ultra fine  lost wax casting system in 925 silver and also a specially developed  silver alloy ( for strength , surface , hardness and color ) We have  made it possible to produce limited runs of special edition kits ,  ( part assembled kits and completed kits ) in ultrafine castings  making it possible to zoom in on very small details and achieve for  the first time cowlings as thin as 0.3 mm with pannel line and  razor sharp edges -- which it is not possible in injection plastic or  die cast metal -- though we have high regard for established  industry , 

The engine of our 48 scale Macchi Saetta is larger than the  cowling !! To achieve this each of the rocker covers ( 14 off ) fits  neatly into its coresponding cowling “blister” -- Therefor the  cowling as of necesity must be as thin as thin as. 3 mm in depth At  the front of the engine the “pipe work” is 0.3 mm in section -- the  tiny loops at the end of each section fit over connections on the  cylanders .

The cowling is assebled using 0.5 mm machine screws ( which are  hidden and do not impose on the detail whatsover ) .
The cylander blocke , front cranck and inlet manifold are held  together with a 2.2 mm central tube beareing .

All the parts of the engine are fitted to a very fine tollerance  inside the cowl and with the polished rocker covers , pattinered  blach cylanders , ( including cyl . flange bolt detail ) copper plated  and patinered cowl oil cooler at the front section the “character”  and sence is very different -- only the black propellor blades which  screw into the hub are treated with a raden baked laquer to  industrial spec .
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